Crystalline Earth

Crystalline Earth

Join Ryder and the Parnassus Initiative in their search for the truth about the crystals that power the world.

Progress always has a price…

Nobody knew it could be deadly.

With a supply of unlimited power, humanity is in a golden age of invention. Modern advancements allow Ryder Wells to live a comfortable, boring life…until he’s abducted.

Dragged to an underground hideout, he’s told a dark secret about the technology powering the world. The scale of the cover-up – and what it means for humanity – is staggering.

But can Ryder believe the terrifying evidence?

When he takes a leap of faith and an expedition goes terribly wrong, Ryder finds the cost of following the right path is high.

Can he stand by and watch the world burn? Or is he willing to risk his life to save it?


When trying to find yourself…

You might find something far worse.

Determined to come to terms with the dramatic changes in her life, Mya Malinsky has roamed the country since she left Seattle.

Nothing could prepare her for the people she meets – or the shocking discoveries she makes.

They saved the world…

What if their sacrifice wasn’t enough?

The world is in chaos.

Humanity is struggling to adapt.

But at least it’s free of the toxic crystals that threatened to consume everything.

Or so they thought…

When Mya returns to Seattle, she’s in desperate need of the Initiative’s help. A ruthless leaders with access to a mysterious supply of crystals is terrorizing West Texas.

The thought of another mission is almost too much to bear.

They’ve suffered so much already. Injuries, enhancements…death.

What price will they have to pay next to stop a madman?